Meet our Mobility Trainers

Sacramento, CA

J. D. C


JD has a Bachelor of Arts degree from San Jose State University and over 30 years of full-time experience in community service programs.

JD has directed Paratransit’s Mobility Options Department since 1983 and has seen nearly ten thousand individuals with disabilities and seniors successfully complete mobility training. He has also provided leadership to over 70 trainers in an on going effort to provide transit options to Sacramento area residents.

In 2003 JD received the Association of Travel Instruction (ATI) “Jack Gorelick Achievement Award” for his passionate commitment to, and outstanding achievement in the profession of Travel Instruction. This is the highest award presented by the association.

JD has served on the Sacramento County Foster Grand Parent Advisory Council for six years, and is currently serving as the Vice chair.

JD has worked as the Lead Consultant in assisting other agencies in Santa Cruz California, Boulder Colorado, Portland Oregon, Las Vegas Nevada and Spokane Washington in the development and/or implementation of successful travel training programs. He often offers his experience and expertise when responding to dozens of phone calls and email requests from across the country inquiring about Paratransit’s Mobility Training Program.

One of JD’s greatest pleasures is helping to further the development of this vital program with agencies across the country.

JD’s commitment to providing mobility options to the Sacramento community has made Paratransit’s Mobility Training Program one of the leading travel training programs in the nation.


Kevin W.


Kevin began working for Paratransit’s Mobility Options Department in 1984 after receiving a degree in Human Service and working for seven years as an Assistant Physical Therapist.

He is certified in comprehensive A.D.A. paratransit eligibility, has completed training from the Midwest Academy in “organizing for social change”, and is a county appointed member of the Sacramento Developmental Disabilities Council. Kevin is also an active member of the Foster Grandparents Advisory Council, and is part of the faculty for Easter Seals Project Action. Most recently he was appointed to the board of directors of the Association of Travel Instruction (ATI).

Along with program director Culver and staff, Kevin has been instrumental in assisting other agencies in Santa Cruz California, Boulder Colorado, Las Vegas Nevada, Portland Oregon and Spokane Washington, in the development, and/or the implementation, of new highly successful travel training programs. Although Kevin left employment with Paratransit in the past to work as the Special Events Coordinator for the Easter Seal Society of Superior California, and The American Heart Association, he returned to Paratransit, Inc. in 2000 to what he calls, “The most gratifying job he has ever had!”


Mike M.


Mike’s college work was directed towards the arts and sciences. Prior to working at Paratransit, Inc., Mike worked for the State of California conducting emergency special projects, and public relations work. Mike also worked for 13 years as the owner/manager of a retail store and museum.

A mobility trainer since November 1999, he has a wealth of transit experience that he readily shares with any one who may need his assistance.

Bill L.


Bill comes to Paratransit with a Bachelor of Education degree from a private College in New Hampshire. He began working as a mobility trainer in July 2003 after many years working in public welfare in both Pennsylvania and Hawaii.

Bill also taught English in Japan for 13 years where he experienced fist hand the difficulty of learning how to use public transit. Bill has a gentle soul and most trainees find him easy to work with.

Modesto, CA

Salome G.


Salome is a mobility trainer in Stanislaus County, California. Salome has over 12 years of experience working with persons with disabilities. Salome’s experience includes working in local community integration, transition programs, and group home settings. She has received behavior modification, professional assault crisis trainings, and has over 89 hours of other trainings related to individuals with disabilities.

Salome has a passion for working with persons with disabilities – she is patient, calm, and assuring – translating into a wonderful mobility trainer.

Janine P.


Janine is a mobility trainer in Stanislaus County. She began as a trainer working in the program in Stockton in January, 2011, but transferred to the program in Stanislaus County later that year. Janine has more than eight years’ experience working with people who have disabilities, and she enjoys helping people learn to safely use public transit. Janine is enthusiastic about her work, and people enjoy working with her.

Alicia R.


Alicia is a mobility trainer in Stanislaus County. Alicia Is Bi-lingual in Spanish and English and has 10 years’ experience working with people with disabilities. Alicia has worked in community integration and behavioral management programs. She has a passion for helping people live independent lives and throughout her career has assisted people with disabilities with independent living skills, job readiness skills and travel training skills.

Alicia is a certified Medical assistant and has certifications in Behavior Management and Crisis Intervention. Alicia is determined to help people reach their full potential and gain independence by learning to navigate the public transit system.

Mattias M.


Mattias is the newest addition to the mobility training team in Stanislaus County. Mattias has 6 years of experience working with people with disabilities, he has worked at a day program as well as a non-profit mission organization where he worked 24 hour 5 day/week shifts giving personalized care for people with a range of disabilities. He began working for Paratransit in February 2015. Over the years he has been trained in first-aid, crisis intervention, behavioral modification, water safety, and much more. Mattias finds great joy in being able to help anyone who needs it, from people with disabilities to fellow students, family, and friends.

He is currently working towards a degree in English/Psychology, and wishes one day to become a counselor so that he can further help to enrich peoples’ daily lives.

Working with people with disabilities, people from other countries, and various professionals has granted him a well-balanced set of interpersonal skills fitting for his job as a mobility trainer. Mattias is thrilled to have been given the opportunity to work with Paratransit and to begin assisting people with their transportation needs and increase their independence.
Mattias is very creative and is always striving to think of new ideas and solutions in order to help anyone to gain their independence.

Stockton, CA

Jeanne M.


Jeanne is Paratransit’s Lead Trainer in Stockton, and has worked closely with staff at the San Joaquin Regional Transit District (RTD), since the program’s inception in early 2009. Jeanne came to the program after many years working as an Instructional Aide at an adult day program. She has an AA degree as a paraprofessional in special education, and will complete her bachelor’s degree in human services with an emphasis in child and family welfare through Kaplan University in September 2012.

Jeanne is committed to helping others reach their full potential for independence, a process that often starts with independent use of public transit.

Spokane, WA

Delana N.


Delana is the Program Manager for Paratransit, Inc.’s office in Spokane, Washington. The office manages a contract with the Spokane Transit Authority (STA) and provides an in-person ADA assessments process for Paratransit eligibility and also provides travel training services. In this position, Delana supervises the Mobility Center staff, is the liaison between STA and Paratransit, Inc., conducts In-Person Assessments, trains individuals through Travel Training, completes Path of Travel Barrier assessments for conditional eligibility and conducts outreach events to keep the Spokane community involved in the programs. During 2012, Delana and her Mobility Training staff of 3 successfully trained 176 individuals to take the fixed route system. In addition to helping these people gain more independence, they also saved Spokane Transit Authority an estimated $525,000 for the year. Delana’s speaking engagements have included the ADA Conference for Washington State in Leavenworth and the Association for Travel Instruction’s annual conference. Delana attended Eastern Washington University where she majored in Sociology and Criminal Justice. Delana has nine years of experience in teaching, training and managing all different populations of people with five of those years serving people with disabilities.

Gaye K.


Gaye is a Travel Trainer in the Paratransit, Inc. Spokane office. Gaye brings to the Travel Training Program over 35 years of motivating, teaching, and training individuals with disabilities to discover their potential, actively seek their goals, and pursue their independence. Gaye has 20 years’ experience preparing individuals with career and training decisions and goals, 22 years working with non-profit agencies in Washington, Idaho and Alaska, 15 years educating employers to the benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities, and 11 years as an executive director for state associations, working with lobbyists and business owners.

Amber C.


Amber has been a Travel Trainer with Paratransit, Inc. in the Spokane office since the spring of 2013. Amber had been working and volunteering with the elderly and populations with special needs since 1989. Throughout her career, she has assisted people with disabilities with reading and writing skills, independent living skills, job readiness skills and travel training skills. Amber is a certified nursing assistant and a U.S. Army Veteran.

Bill Siler


Bill Siler is a veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, and has degrees in Biology and Special Education from the University of Idaho. He grew up as a public transit user in New York City. After retiring from teaching high school science and special education for 25 years, Bill turned his skills to mobility training in 2014.

Bill enjoys the opportunity to meet a variety of interesting people and help them to acquire greater freedom through using public transit. He arrives at work with a smile on his face daily and leaves the same way.